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Why Uruguay

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Independent judicial system
*** Uruguayan law does not discriminate between local and foreign investors.
*** Equal treatment for foreign and local investors.
*** Respect and enforcement of contracts is guaranteed by an independent judiciary.
****Contracts can be regulated by the law of choice of the parties, and arbitrage
****clauses can be agreed upon.
*** Private property is expressly protected by law. This has never been jeopardized
****throughout changes in government, creating an ideal framework for investments.

Open and solid financial system
*** Freedom of capital repatriation and profit remittances abroad is guaranteed.
*** All transactions carried out in US Dollars.
*** The Uruguayan economy has no exchange restrictions.
****There are no administrative price controls.
*** The Uruguayan banking system has one of the world's strictest banking secrecy
****laws which guarantees anonymityanonymityanonymityanonymity.
*** Uruguay is home to the region's most important financial center. The banking sector
****consists of twenty-two private
****banks and government-owned banks. The private banks are all totally or partially
****owned by leading American or European financial institutions.
*** Uruguay is South America's only off-shore low-tax jurisdiction.

Location benefits
*** Favorable weather conditions for crop and timber production.
*** Availability of productive land for crop and timber production.
*** Qualified and multi-lingual work force available in every professional field.
*** Strategically located between Argentina and Brazil allowing access to a market
****of over 238 million people.
*** Various seaports giving us access to global markets.
*** Over 17,000 km of highways, connecting every corner of the country.
*** Absence of natural disasters: tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes.


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