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Timberland investments offer many attractive benefits to private and institutional investors including, low risk, competitive historic returns and portfolio diversification. The presence of timberland in a mixed - asset portfolio may simultaneously enhance total returns while reducing portfolio volatility.

The following competitive advantage variables have made Uruguay a fast growing investment focus among the global timberland industry:

fast tree growth

low raw material costs

low growing costs

low production costs

Government's favorable policy towards foreign investments

In all, more than 3.6 million hectares (over 9 million acres) have been identified as suitable for forestry, and have proven to be able to produce fast growth, short rotation, high quality plantation crops - with among the fastest growth in the world. Currently proving the competitive advantages of timberland investments in Uruguay, foreign companies from the U.S., Finland, Spain, Chile and Canada have made significant land purchases to promote forest plantations of Eucalyptus.

RMK Timberland group from the US owns 36,287 hectares as of June, 2008

Stora Enso own and plant over 50,000 hectares as of August, 2008

Grupo Ence from Spain own forest plantations covering more than 150,000 hectares

Botnia from Finland through their affiliate company Forestal Oriental own over 170,000 hectares


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